Customized Software Provider

  • Software tailored to fit your needs
  • Reduce overhead with asset tracking
  • Save time by streamlining business efficiency
  • Avoid fines by ensuring business compliance
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Software: Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf

Your software should fit your business, not the other way around

Custom Software
  • Tailored to meet your exact business needs
  • Complete control of your workflow
  • Quick software modifications as business needs change
  • Easy integrations into other software applications
Off-the-Shelf Software
  • Limited application features
  • Workflow is dependent on the software used
  • Rigid structure; no modifications
  • Unable to integrate with other software applications

Save Money

Minimize Violations & Fines
No License Fee per User
Reduce Paper & Waste

Streamline Work

Automate Tasks
Include Photos
Sketch Directly On a Tablet
Integrate Other Applications

Save Time

Eliminate Data-Entry
Form Validation
Reduce Human Error

Track Progress

GPS Tracking
One-click Report Exports

Security & Infrastructure

ITS provides data collection and storage services for field operations. By leveraging Microsoft's Azure services, we are able to provide elastic, high-availability, cloud-based platforms for our clients. This gives our clients the ability to grow on demand while removing the shortcomings of traditional self-hosted services.

What do people think?

We maintain nine-thousand Corrosion sections, over 2,500 miles of steel piping, and we have not had a State audit violation in the last six years.
- Don, Operations Manager
Thanks to ITS, I no longer have to carry pen and paper along when I’m out inspecting, nor do I have to manually enter collected data into the system. I’m able to do double the field work in one day, what a huge timesaver!
- Tara, Field Inspector
…we have been able to automate several outdated and manual inspections which has saved us time, money, and exposure during state audits.
- Jason, Operations Engineer

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