At Infinity Technology Systems (ITS), we see great potential in using technology to serve our customers' needs in new and creative ways.

Established in December of 2003, Infinity Technology Systems LLC (ITS) is a Technology Consulting and Services company with a team of leaders, each with more than 20 years of experience in Business and Technology. With a significant portion of our owners and workforce being women, we, at ITS, realize that a diverse workforce stimulates innovation and enhances our business in many aspects.

Further differentiating our company from much of the industry, ITS was established with the overriding purpose of serving others with our technical abilities. Everything that we do is governed by our company values: Integrity, Compassion (deep respect for each individual) and Excellence. As we conduct our business in this manner, serving our customers’ needs, we look to have a considerable, positive impact on the industry, both through our services and in the way that we deliver them.

While ITS has a broad knowledge base in the field of Information Technology systems, we specialize in custom software development. More specifically, over the last eleven years, we have placed significant focus on developing Field Operations Management Systems for Utility Companies and Engineering/Construction companies which provide a tremendous value to our clients through greater efficiencies and improved ROI.

The value proposition that ITS offers, increased efficiency and improved ROI, has been proven many times over as we have developed systems for Utilities. Our systems have improved efficiencies to the point where productivity has increased by over 50% and the completion rates for field operations are at an all time high. Furthermore, the overall cost of our systems, including the accompanying services, has enabled our customers to realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings over an internally developed system. In fact, many of our customers have migrated towards more significant use of our systems, in place of internal systems, to manage the assets for which the systems were designed. By maintaining a focus on serving and collaborating with our clients, ITS has created a very compelling value proposition which results in a definitive win-win solution.

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